Reign of Gaming To Return

Hey guys,

I come barring good news! ROG is finally remade and ready for re-launch. The new ROG comes with Dev Trackers for every game we cover and a new custom back-end to allow better flexibility for features and anything ROG wants to grow into. The old WordPress back-end ROG was using before was very limiting and kind of put a halt to any progress past the point of where ROG was left off. Now that you all know ROG is ready to get come back, there's another task that I need help with.

I cannot manage ROG by myself. I've been working full time and simply can't provide ROG with the love that it needs to grow. So I am looking for partner/s who want to work and mold the clay that is ROG. What clay you might ask? ROG currently has a 60,000 YouTube subscriber channel, 28,000 Facebook likes, and 4,000 Twitter followers, and a long history within the League of Legends community waiting to be revived. The problem of course lies within the ability to utilize all of this clay, and make it into something worth while. It's a fantastic start that any "new/revitalized" community would be lucky to have. I realize I have something in my control that I can make great; I just can't do it alone.

I am looking for individuals/organizations who're interested in getting involved. I am willing to offer part ownership and revenue splitting as incentive to join the ROG family. I am also actively looking for volunteers who want to moderate the forums, find content to talk about, among other various tasks to help our community grow.

I want to hear what people have to say and see if they'd be a good fit to help ROG move forward. I am open to more then one partner if I find more than one capable individual. If that's the case I would of course, introduce and inform those parties of each other and we'd move forward from there.

For now that's all I have to say about ROG. Despite how slowly ROG's been progressing, I haven't given up on it. There will be a future for ROG, whether it's big or small.

If interested please contact me via e-mail:

Thanks for reading, and look out for more updates soon!


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