News Roundup

It was part of the old RoG and will be a part here – the Daily News Roundup, bringing you the most recent News of the day.

For your convenience, I’ll post every day at the same time so you know when to expect the post.

But please, leave your feedback so I can find an appealing time for EU and NA.


Champion Reveal: Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger

Patch 6.5 notes

Merchandise – The Mighty Braum Bundle for $33/33€ available until March, 18

Riotgames acquires the Rising Thunder (fighting game) and Stonehearth studio Radiant Entertainment

Your Challengers Have Arrived: 2016 NA CS Spring Playoffs

Meddler on the PBE changes to Lux and Kalista


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  • Doing this daily might isn't a good idea in my opinion.1. You won't have much to write about2. People might get bored of this i it pops up every dayOnce every 3 days or a week should be better

  • Do you know ROG was doing this everyday right? Every time there was a PBE patch it would be posted here.Why do you think will get bored of seeing new things?  That's dumb.

  • I know that there might be not many news every day and some might be rather short but if I do it every week or so, news might be outdated already (at least they're old by then) and the post would be HUGE, especially when I'm doing it in the style of the old RoG and include the news so you don't have to click the link but just read the post. Going to try that today.

  • I don't think you should be posting these daily, but rather look for when there is actual stuff to talk about. This could be daily though, but what I'm trying to say is, that you shouldn't force yourself on writing about stuff if you don't feel like there is any merit to it. Personally, I enjoy weekly round ups, even if I try to keep up with stuff on a daily basis.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, I think it would look better if news would be separated better. Can be as simple as a line or create segments, I don't know.

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